✉ Suggestions for Fantage ✉


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Note: These are just our ideas! We just want to share them for everyone to see. It’s okay with us if you agree or disagree; after all, everyone has their own opinions!


Amethyst’s Suggestions image

Here is a list of my suggestions to make Fantage a better game:

image I honestly think MyMall is better than Vintage Gold and Trade n’ sell. I know people complain about MyMall because of Gold, but I really prefer MyMall than the other shops. Now, I’m not going to go on how MyMall is the best shop ever, but I’m saying my suggestion to improve it. If you made Gold for MyMall, make Gold ONLY FOR MyMall. Don’t start using it as currency for practically every new pixeled item in Fantage, but make it exclusive for MyMall.


(I just realized I said the word “MyMall” about 8 times, including this one, lol)

image Lucky Bot and Cody’s Crazy Combos are alright, but the thing is, you guys are probably rigging them. Now, I’m not accusing anybody, but supposed that they DID rig Lucky Bot and CCC, what’s the use of having them at all if they cheated?

lucky botcody's crazy combos

These things have potential. Don’t start making them a recolor machine, and stop putting random beta items on Lucky Bot! It makes their value go down (I actually got Autumn Hair on Lucky Bot). Instead, make it a machine where everyone gets really special and nice clothes, MyMall permissions, Ecoins (since they have no value anymore), and gems. People love getting special items.

image Make use of the Comet other than a place to dump people’s art. You didn’t even update them. When you publish other Fantagian’s work in the Comet, give them at least a reward, like a level up, or something. Oh, and maybe you could put Fantage’s new events there for everyone to see!


image We really appreciate you banning cuss words on Fantage and not making some text show, but certain Fantagians can find ways to say what they want without getting banned. I mean, “lijjebs my plc”, “strjjp club my plc”, and other stuff I don’t really need to type here, anyone? There are more harmless words not showing up on Fantage than these. Come on, it’s time to give them a break right? It’s making Fantage look like an online dating site, which it really is not.

image Be honest and straightfoward to us! We don’t like you trying to trick us with your “special deals” on your New Updates, too-expensive and unfair prices on every limited item, rushed and reused events, and stop ignoring us. Start treating us like we are actual players in an actual game.


Luna’s Suggestions

(under construction)


That’s just our opinions, and now you know how we feel on some things at Fantage. 🙂


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