Going on a hiatus

Ok so where do I start?

Firstly I’m very sorry for going on nearly 3 weeks without posting. Life has just been very stressful lately, and I just couldn’t keep up. I’m super sorry for not responding to your comments, but I promise, PROMISE I will! (although I’m sorry if I’m going to respond later than you’ve thought) I know I have broken a lot of promises, but this time I’m going to try to be a responsible blogger for once. I don’t want all my hard work to go to waste just because I started getting lazy.

I’m so grateful to all of you who keep visiting, commenting and looking at my posts even while I’m gone. You guys are the best, I don’t know how I can say this sincerely in just a blog but I’m trying my best.

I will be going on a short hiatus for now because like I said, I just can’t keep up. The only posts I’ll be posting are the art requests. Yes, I haven’t forgotten them, but the reason I’m not giving them to you yet is because I really want to improve my suck-y art, and I really want to give my best.

(I completely missed the Halloween event on Fantage, and I’m so sorry! Belated happy Halloween to everyone!)

I want to make this post worth it so I’m just going to post some OC work (four outfits for now). Yeah, I’m still not finished with her clothing, so I guess you could call this a sneak peak of her closet.


I didn’t put watermarks on my edits, so please don’t steal!

Oh and also, since it’s Halloween recently, I used an old pack of mine from Fantage’s past limited Halloween items for my OC. You can find the pack here.


See you next time, and once again, thank you so much! You guys are the best!

~amethyst image

P.S. Um, I really miss posting. It feels so weird writing this, after almost 3 weeks of not blogging. :/


Stress drawing


Yep, this is what I look like every time I try to finish a school requirement. Of course, I don’t have blue-black anime hair. xD

I really like drawing blue-black hair and gray eyes so that’s what I did in this one.

I call this “stress drawing” because I drew this when I was feeling stressed. Drawing’s one of my most effective stress relievers.

I think I’m going to test this as my gravatar picture, because I’m really sick of my old one >.<

See ya!

Uh, hey.

So I just received a notice on WordPress saying happy anniversary to me and for 1 year of blogging.

And I guess I am supposed to feel happy. Happy and really satisfied that so far, blogging is going really fine for me.

But the thing is, I do not feel anything at all. In fact, I feel only sadder.

I’m going to tell you guys the truth. Lately, it feels like I’m distancing myself from blogging. I feel that blogging is getting more boring by the minute. Posting Fantage events is just too much of a struggle that there are times when I feel like giving up altogether.

I am currently wondering if I still could do this. Blogging, I mean. It wouldn’t really be so much to me if I’m not enjoying it right?

Don’t worry, I’m not ready to quit- yet. I’m just saying what I feel right now. I’ve really slipped over these past few months and looking at my blog makes me feel depressed.

I just can’t handle it. School, and this blog. I can’t post on weekdays, and I couldn’t reply to all of your nice and caring comments, I’m so sorry.

I’m still going to do the art requests but not now, this weekend is really hard, group project and all.

I’m so sorry for this super long and depressing post. Plus, my grammar’s totally off :/

Any suggestions on blogging would be appreciated. Bye, and see you next time. I hope.

~amethyst image

More digital art

school girl chibi-fantageneko


Yep, I think I’m finally satisfied with how my chibis look 😀

I changed the eyes and the shading again, which was really worth it. I tried drawing a braid (dang it looks really heavy). I drew a black-blue hairstyle instead of the usual black, because it’s really cute and I’ve seen it in most animes ❤

Also, I’m obsessed with drawing school uniforms, so that explains why I draw a lot of schoolgirl chibis. I also like drawing black socks with brown shoes instead of just plain white socks.

I might start accepting art requests soon, so if you want a chibi just comment below. I don’t know how many will though.

See ya!

Unicorn Event Glitch!?

So there was this glitch where after you donate a gem to the hatching unicorns part on the new event, you can still continue to donate gems because the number of gems isn’t decreasing! I don’t know how it happened, I just found out. Here’s my proof:


This is before I used up my black diamond gem. This is after:


See? The mythical gem adds 25 minutes to your time spent on Fantage, so 25 x 4= 100. 5 hours and 90 minutes plus 1 hour and 40 minutes (because obviously 1 hour is 60 minutes) equals only 8 hours and 10 minutes, and here it shows that I already spent 10 hours!

(sorry for the confusing math calculation, nerd alert hehehe)

Tip: After donating a gem, quickly click on the gem again and donate one after another while the gem isn’t getting fewer in number to do the trick! (you must be really fast)

Tell me if it works for you! 🙂

Unicorn Adventure on Fantage!

Before that…

They. Did. Not. Choose. My. Entry.

*cries in a corner*

Oh, well. I sorta… crammed my entry, so maybe that’s why it didn’t got accepted. Or maybe they haven’t seen my email. Or maybe…

Ahem, enough of my excuses. Anyways, congratulations to the contest winners! 😀

*cough* mood swings *cough*

Okay, okay, I’m really going to stop now.

unicorn event

*imagines wild cheering in my head*

Well, folks, here it is. The long-awaited, much anticipated unicorn event on Fantage!

Limited Items

unicorn limited items

The items are really cute! Sadly, Fantage’s err, “unique” way of pixeling and shading items makes me NOT appreciate these items.

And of course, the items have to be expensive. Nice work, Fantage.

Hatching Unicorns

Click on this button to play the game:

hatching unicorns

hatching unicorn

So to level up, just spend more time on Fantage. You do not need to spend your whole computer time on Fantage; you can just go on a different tab and then go back to Fantage before you get kicked out unfairly  logged out for inactivity. Or, you can just donate your gems to add more time spent on Fantage! If you already have all the rare items in a certain gem, then just waste away that particular gem for this event! You can also just go play the games that give out gems so you can earn gems and spend time on Fantage at the same time 😉

Here is the time added whenever you use up a gem:

Sapphire5 minutes

Ruby10 minutes

Emerald15 minutes

Diamond20 minutes

Black Diamond 25 minutes

Moonstone30 minutes

By donating gems, you can get prizes like these cute unicorn stickers:

unicorn sticker cute unicorn sticker

Or level up your event medal:

unicorn medal

Better yet, actual prize items!

unicorn shoes

Dang those glittery galaxy shoes though ❤

I haven’t collected all the prizes yet, but I’ll post them as soon as I get them!

Part 2 of the event coming soon!