✦ How to make your own wallpaper ✦

I usually make my own blog wallpaper whenever I couldn’t find a good enough background on Google. I will be showing you this tutorial on how I make my backgrounds.

First, search Google for Tumblr transparents. Download a picture that you want to use for your wallpaper. I downloaded this:


Now go to picmonkey.com and select a canvas size. Pick a canvas color. Then click the butterfly button called Overlay. Upload your Tumblr transparent picture then put it all over the area.


We’re not yet finished. Click the apple button called Themes. Scroll down until you see the banner labeled Winterland then click it. Click the Snowfall banner then place a layer of snow on your background. It does not necessarily make your wallpaper look like snow but instead, it gives it some sort of texture.


The snow isn’t much visible in here but in other backgrounds you can see it clearly.

This step is optional but I added some circle overlays on my wallpaper for the finishing touch.


Now click Save and download your finished wallpaper. Here’s what mine looks:


It’s not something you just found on Google but it is still cute and better yet, seamless!


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