✏ Gif Tutorials

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All of my gifs are made just by drawing or pixeling them on Ms Paint; you don’t need any other fancy programs. I know it might sound amateur-like to you, but they actually turn out pretty! Here is a short tutorial on how to make a simple gif:


Step 1: Drawing the gif

I’m going to make a streetlamp gif as an example for this tutorial.

First, open up Ms Paint. Then change the canvas size into whatever size you like (if you are going to draw a small gif, you have to use a small canvas size). Zoom in on the canvas so you can draw easier.

small canvas size

Then start drawing using pencil tool! If you’re confused on how to start this step, it’s just like editing/drawing a Fantage item: you use the smallest pencil tool size then start sketching the outline. I’m going to show you how I drew it:

Draw the outline.
Start to shade it
Fill it with color.

Ta-da! You’re finished with the outline.

Step 2: Making a second copy

Save your work then make another copy of it. This part is IMPORTANT if you want to make a moving picture. If you don’t want to make it into a gif, go to step 3.

Now open up the copy in Ms Paint and make your changes! Here’s what I did:


If you want more effects on your gif, you can make as many copies as you want, it doesn’t matter how many. Now save it!

Step 3: Making the pictures transparent

This part isn’t really necessary but I suggest doing this as it would make your gifs neater.

Open up lunapic.com and click Browse.


Click the picture you want to be transparent. Then go to Edit>Transparent. Now click on the background of your gif!


Repeat this step with your next copies to get them all transparent!

Note: If your gif has the same color as your background, you may want to change the color of your background so that only the background becomes transparent.

Step 4: Animating them

You’re almost done! Go to gifmaker.me then start uploading your pictures and position them however you want. You may play around the copies and upload them over and over again, for different effects!


Then click Create Gif Animation>Download this Gif.

You’re done!


It’s not made professionally, but it still looks nice!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and helped you a lot! And if you know more about creating gifs, just let me know. I also wouldn’t mind constructive criticism!

~amethyst image


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