📓 Blogging Diaries 📖


The Blogging Diaries

Okay, so you might be wondering, what is this page? Every time I make a Blogging Diaries post, I put it on this page. But first, about those posts.

The Blogging Diaries are posts I make whenever I want to talk about something related to blogging. For example, someone was asking for advice on how to start a new blog, and I want to put my suggestions on a post. I would probably put all my feels and get mushy on these types of posts, but you don’t have to worry about expecting the typical “dear diary” stuff (okay, I’m going to stop making references to Diary of a Wimpy Kid xD). I just write a thing related to blogging, pretty much similar to my normal posts, they’re just called “diaries” because they’re kind of like that.

Now that I have explained the whole thing, here is a list of all my Blogging Diaries posts that I’ve made:

(under construction)

This idea is so cool! Can I use it? Please pretty please?

NO, sorry. You can make a diaries thing on your blog (I’ve already seen some blogs that have the diary idea) but you CAN’T copy my idea of making diaries and posts about blogging. I’ve never seen any other blog that has the same idea as me, so this whole page and the posts are copyrighted. Please don’t think about stealing my work, because if I find out that you do, I will be very angry.

~amethyst image


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