I’m sorry

I’m quitting this blog.

You might have seen this coming. My hiatus was so long and I find posting about Fantage (well, generally, everything in this blog) so pressuring that I gave up altogether.

I feel like this blog is just a bag of empty promises. I said over and over again that I’ll be making this, doing that, and yet, I didn’t.

I’m still playing Fantage, but I’m not interested enough to post regularly about updates, which is another reason why I’m quitting.

You guys are literally the best, you helped and supported me through the… 1 year? that we spent together. I never really expected that I would get this far, to the point where some amazing people even followed me while I was on a hiatus ❤

I might consider blogging again, though I’m not really sure I’d be up for that responsibility. I’ll try making a new blog, because I really want to start fresh. I’ll post the link later if I created a new one.

Before this gets really sappy, bye again, and thanks for the experience 🙂


11 thoughts on “I’m sorry

  1. Awww.
    Thank you for being the amazing person you are Amethyst. Hopefully we’ll see you again. 😀


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