I’m…. Checking Up on You (Not Coming Back Yet!)

Okay, so lol, it’s been SO long since I’ve last posted and so much has changed…. WordPress post formats, blogs I follow (and still do), well, basically everything O-O

Um, so just a quick update on my life. School’s been really tough lately (darn chemistry!!) and I kind of lost touch in blogging. Okay, I REALLY lost touch in my blog, and I know this probably wouldn’t seem sincere to you, but I AM SO SORRY.

I’m actually considered quitting over my hiatus, since there was just too many stuff I have to do, and I got lazy and I’m not excited about posting regularly as I do back then. I can’t bring myself to quit completely though, so here I am, stuck in this I-don’t-know-whether-to-quit-or-not phase.

I also started to lose interest in Fantage. I got addicted to YouTube, and I started to play this game called Undertale. Anyone know it? I promise you this is not an advertisement…. wait I lied…. just kidding J

I still don’t know if I should continue blogging or not, but you know, just checking up on you guys :>

P.S I really sound awkward after a long time of not blogging, so I’ll end now .-.


7 thoughts on “I’m…. Checking Up on You (Not Coming Back Yet!)

  1. I say that you should not quit for now until you are truly DONE with blogging. Blogging doesn’t have to be about posting regularly, just whenever you can and whenever you want to share something to people. 🙂
    Plus you put a lot of effort to this blog, and I hope you don’t let it just go to waste. ^^
    But if you truly are not into blogging, then you could quit.

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