🎃 Happy (belated) Halloween! 🎃


I’m so sorry for being such a hypocrite and posting when I just said that I’m going on a hiatus, but I really miss the feeling of having a lot of time to post, and I still got time, so here I am.

I just made a witch chibi for Halloween. I think I’m going to settle on this style for the art requests, although knowing me I’ll probably get discontented and switch over to another style again. The whole artwork is completely cell-shaded, which I like a lot more than a mix of cell-shading and airbrushing (airbrushing totally makes my chibis look like clay haha). The only parts I airbrushed are the cheeks. I also highlighted a lot, which did a good job of covering up my mistakes >.<

I’m still on a hiatus, but that doesn’t mean I can’t blog, right? I’ll try to post when I have spare time (it doesn’t have to be about Fantage). That way, I won’t feel like I’m pressuring myself into posting daily.

See ya!


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