Still editing this blog

In case you’re thinking I finished giving my blog the plastic surgery/makeover/whatever-you-call-it it desperately needs, I’m still editing my blog (if you remember me doing it). And I can’t really finish that with posting, and checking my reader regularly. Plus, laziness. 😛


Here are all of the things I’ve planned on putting in my blog:

  • Lots of pages. And I mean lots of it (I’m going to delete some outdated pages)
  • New widgets (Deleting some useless widgets too)
  • Changing my posts’ format
  • Lots more I can’t put in this bulleted list

I’m going to transform this blog completely, which means I have to put a lot of effort in it, and stop being lazy.

Thank goodness I’ve already finished some of the pages! Although most are still under construction, at least I can start posting every now and then, but I’m still not going to post much besides Fantage updates.

That’s it. I hope I finished this, and I hope it’s going to look pretty when I did it.



8 thoughts on “Still editing this blog

  1. Hey! I have a question: On the right side of your blog it says about the owner. How do you get that on the side of your blog? Like your gravatar profile?


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