✈ How to fly in Fantage ✈


~Sorry, page is currently under construction!~

I will be teaching you how to fly on some places in Fantage.

Secret Area in Grotto

Click here to view the secret area in Grotto if you don’t know where it is.

Make sure that your screen size is small screen size - Copy before trying this.

First, go to the other side of the lake using the turtle 🐢


Step 1: Go to that spot I circled in red.

Step 2: Now start clicking repeatedly on the other spot. Your Fantagian will then start moving slowly. Continue clicking until you’ve stopped moving.


Now press this button screen size to make your screen size larger. Then click on any spot in the lake and you will fly over the lake!




Go to Sunblock. Go to the second pod. Remember to close the door! This trick won’t work if you left the door open.


Now click above the pod and you will fly!




Again, make sure that you have a small screen size before doing this.

Go to a random floor in MyMall. I will be choosing floor 10 as an example. Start clicking multiple times on a spot in the wall.


Now switch on to big screen size and click again on the wall.



Your Own Home

(I’m using the regular nonmember home as an example)

Go to the outside of your home and click several times on the roof. Then change to big screen size. Click again on the roof to fly!


This trick works on other homes as well! The only difference is whether it works on the inside of your home or outside. 🙂


Star Cafe

(under construction)

This trick where you zoom in and out your screen not just works on the places I mentioned, but also on other places, so keep trying to experiment!


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