⌛ Old Fantage Stuff ⌛

No, I’m not gonna be talking about the times when there was no gold, no MyMall, no Lucky Bot, you know, the things Fantagians usually classify as “old Fantage”. I’m talking about something older. Really older.

Recently, I just found out Fantage’s old website, fantage.wordpress.com. Yup, they had a WordPress blog years ago! *feels proud for being a WordPress blogger* Anyways, I’m going to share some of their old stuff, pixels, and comics. They look really interesting 🙂

 Note: Everything I’m about to show belongs to fantage.com and their  Wordpress blog. I DO NOT own any of these! If you want to use these  somewhere, please don’t forget to credit them!

Ready to visit the old Fantage world? Just click and enter inside the time machines (just like Doctor Who :D)





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