❔ Mystery Box ❔

locked box

What is this?

This page contains a locked box. There’s something inside it- some sort of treasure, maybe? A prize? You’ll never know unless you open it. Go on, click on it!

*clicks* A password? Oh wait, I forgot it’s a “locked” box.

You can’t open it huh? Aw, that’s too bad, the box has a password! Never mind it then, the box is probably nothing- or is it?

Hey, that’s not fair, you made the page for us! How can I open it?

Now you ask, how to? What’s really inside of it? What’s the password?

The key is the answer. Every locked chests has a key right? Find the key. Use it to open the box. Not many people will probably get it, but if you did, consider yourself lucky!

Good luck. 😉


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