💎 MyMall 💎

MyMall is a place where you can sell your items. It is kind of like Trade n’ Sell, only there is no trade. The currency used in MyMall is imageedit_3_6778871383 Gold.


MyMall is located at Uptown in Fantage. If you don’t know what it looks like, it’s this huge gift box-shaped building between the Idfone shop and Ottoman’s Furniture.


Here is the inside. Click on the elevator to take you to different floors in MyMall. There are a total of 50 floors holding kiosks. Kiosks are where you can sell stuff.


Click on any of the buttons to take you to the kiosks. For example, I click on floor 1. This is what it looks like:

floor 1

It looks the same on every floor in MyMall. If you want to go to another floor, just click on the elevator. If you want to go back to the lobby, click on the L button.

Now, I’m going to tell you the things you can actually do in MyMall.

MyMall Info

mymall info sign

mymall info

This tells you where you can spend Gold and the tax discount for a certain day. MyMall has tax, meaning every time you sell an item, Fantage takes out a portion of your profits. But everyday, they give tax discounts to a particular item (in this case, outfits) so the tax is smaller than usual.

Ecoin Exchange

ecoin exchange

Here is where you can exchange your Gold for Ecoins. You can’t exchange Ecoins to Gold, sadly.

Item Searcher

You can search for a specific item in MyMall, if you get lazy going on every floor to find the item you want. Just click on this button!


The only problem is, it costs 20 Gold, but at least it’s cheap!

After clicking the search button, just pick the color and type of the item, and there you go. It’s pretty handy!

How to sell stuff in MyMall

To start selling items, click on this button:

business permission button

Or you can also click on the desk labeled Business Center.

business center


To sell stuff, you need a kiosk. You need to buy permissions to be able to get a kiosk. 1 day permission costs 300 Gold, 3 days permission costs 800 Gold, and 7 days permission costs 1,700 Gold. If you buy a 1 day permission, you can sell items in your kiosk for 1 day, 3 day permission for 3 days, and so on.

After buying a permission, you can now select a kiosk! You can only select the kiosks that are labeled For Rent, like this, for example:

for rent

After picking a kiosk, you can now start selling your items! Hooray!


 Click here for selling tips at MyMall.
 Click here for tips on how to spend your Gold wisely.
 Click here if you want to advertise your kiosk in MyMall.

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