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Blog Copyrights™

Before taking any of our posts, pictures, edits, and artwork, I suggest that you read this first. Please, do NOT copy any of our ideas unless we let you to. This whole blog is copyrighted, and nobody else can use it, or else you will be sorry.

This post/page/edit is so cool! Can I use it?

You CAN use it, just ask us first, and please credit fantageneko.wordpress.com and the author (either me or luna) who made it. Unless there is a notice stating strictly that the idea is copyrighted and that no one else should use it, not even if you give credits, we will let you use it.

I just saw someone who copied your blog! What should I do?

Please notify us immediately! Send us proof (the date, what exactly is copied and the blog who copied). We will decide then what to do with that “person” who stole our idea, and if this was a small misunderstanding, we’ll clear it up.

Hey! You copied some of my stuff! Take it down NOW!

We might have the same idea. I’m NOT going to take down any of my pages and posts, so please don’t just come to me and start yelling “That was my page! Remove it!” Other blogs might have the same idea as yours. I’ll try to change something if it looks like I copied you, but don’t expect me to delete it. I repeat, I NEVER copy.


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