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Hello there! You’ve just stumbled on my crazy weird blog, Fantage Neko! Thank you so much for taking the time to visit!

About Fantage Neko

I created this blog on October 11, 2014. Back then I was a silent zombie playing Fantage. I never got involved in the classic Fantage drama, so I just concentrated on playing and livening up my account. Then I started to view Fantage blogs and got inspired to start a blog, so I thought why not? I got the name Fantage Neko from the Japanese word neko meaning “cat” (for those of you who didn’t know). I then started posting all about Fantage, then I branched out, posting something about my life every once in a while. I also create random pixel gifs that I post on this blog too. Later on I invited luna to work on my blog, and she is a great help!

If you enjoy visiting our blog, please follow, it would mean so much to us! ❤

About amethyst

My current gravatar picture

pizza_boss idfone

Hi! I’m amethyst, the creator of this blog. I used to be called kawaiiheartchan, but I changed my username because it’s too long to pronounce. I got invited to play Fantage by my friends, but I was too young at that time, and Farmville’s persuasion powers are stronger than Fantage, haha. I started to play Fantage around 2010. I never do much besides collect items, join events, and level up. When I got older, I started to join tryouts and interact more around Fantage, and started to visit Fantage blogs.

Into more personal matters, I don’t really like to give out my name, age, and what country I live, because I don’t like people judging me by my private info. I don’t think it really matters on this blog, and maybe that’s the reason why I’m so bad at posting randomness posts. But I did like to talk about my life every once in a while.

If you see me around Fantage, I’m pizza_boss. I can’t exactly say what server I always log on, because I usually just click on the first server I see. If you see me though, feel free to add me! Don’t get offended if I don’t reply, it usually just means I’m in another tab. image

About luna

luna’s current gravatar picture

Hi y’all! I’m luna, a worker on this blog. I used to be called xturi, but I changed my username to luna because it was my fantagian name, and since my main blog was about my life it really didn’t fit into the theme I was trying to capture. I started playing Fantage in about 2011, and it was then when my cousins convinced me to try playing Fantage. Even though Fantage was time consuming, I loved playing it and interacted with others, but my main goal was to collect items (I was non-member at the time as well). Then, a year later, a friend gave me a member account for free, nobody knew the account’s password but her. Her username was xturi. I stopped playing on my original account, cupcakequeen171. Since xturi was a member, I certainly took advantage and bought lots of things (I literally bought all of the items in the shops by saving up), and at the time had a balance of 1,000,000 stars because of that 😛

A few months later, I made a Fantage blog called Fantage Chocolate Yogurt, but I soon lost interest and changed it to Blurred Perfections. Later, I made a post giving my account to the public. I soon regretted it when I gained new-found interest and checked on my account. I had lost mermaid hair, blond basketball hair, Chloe hair, surfer hair, and a lot of other valuables. Since xturi was still numerously times being banned and hacked, I created a new account, xturi_ which was my old username but with an underscore. I had joined Fantage Neko and now me and amethyst post all about Fantage.

Don’t be afraid to ask me questions, if I ever don’t reply when I’m on Fantage, it probably means I’ve gone to get food (Imagine me stuffing donuts into my mouth and running to the computer :P)


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