✿ Neko Shop ✿


~Sorry, page is currently under construction!~

Welcome to the Neko Shop, where you get to shop for Fantage Neko’s finest artworks, merchandise, and other items we sell!

To start shopping for stuff, just click on those little boxes (they hold lots of items!).

headers box

backgrounds box

banners box

dividers box

symbols box

Happy shopping! Come again 😀


One thought on “✿ Neko Shop ✿

  1. Hey! On this page where it has the boxes with headers, divders etc written on it, when you click it, it take you to another page. I was wondering how do you do that? Basically how do you put up a picture on your blog and then when you click it, it takes you to another page. Sorry if this was a bit confusing, and I love your blog btw.


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