🏆 Wild Slinger


~Sorry, page is currently under construction!~

This page serves as a guide for those who play Wild Slinger! In my opinion, this is probably the most difficult pet game in Fantage. It took me awhile before I got the hang of it! I’ll be showing here some tricks I use whenever I play Wild Slinger.

To play it, you have to go to Pet Town, then click on Pet Games>Wild Slinger.

pet games

You choose Easy or Hard level, then you pick a pet to sling. It’s just like Angry Birds. You have to hurl your pet to the bad guys. If you pull too weak, your pet will dive into the water. If you pull too hard, your pet will fly over your target and will land in the “safe zone” far away. You have 3 chances (3 hearts) to beat the levels. You lose if you used up all 3 hearts. You win if you beat all 5 levels.

Picking the Pet to Sling

There are some pets that when you sling them, they either “fly” too high or too low. Just picking the pet you’re going to use can affect your game, so choose wisely!

I would suggest using the Cosmos pets, because they are the easiest for me to use. I use Beami and Charmi when I play Wild Slinger.



Now here are some tips when playing Wild Slinger!

Tip #1

Before playing, test your pet first. Get used to how do you want to fling your pet to the enemy, how much power you should use, etc. When I first played Wild Slinger, I can’t even manage to win 1 level. Back then, I thought it was too hard! I slowly learned to test my pets and practice playing the game.

Tip #2

When pulling back the slingshot, try aligning your pet with the target. This helps sometimes, but NOT ALWAYS! 

Tip #3

You have to hit the guys under the boxes HARD ENOUGH for them to disappear. If you do not get them sore enough, they will not disappear, and you will have to restart the whole level.


That’s all of my suggestions for Wild Slinger, and it’s up to you to use these tricks when playing the game. 🙂


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