🏆 Wild Rumble ಠ_ಠ

This is a guide on playing Wild Rumble, as I’ve seen many Fantagians go around shaking their head and thinking that Fantage is “cheating” on them when they play it. No worries, I’ve made this guide on how to play Wild Rumble, plus with tips!

Wild Rumble is a nice game to play when you’re trying to level up all of your pets at once. To play, go to Pet Town, then click on Pet Games>Wild Racer.

pet games

Then you play multiplayer with someone else, you and the other Fantagian’s pets will battle, and you will lead them to victory! Ahem animal cruelty.

I will be explaining some basic info:

You choose 5 pets to enter into the game. To make your pets “attack” the other player’s pets, you will need to give them steroids different kinds of food. There are 3 types, the flower, meat and vitamin.

vitamin meat flower

You can do certain things with these, like attack, cast a spell, counter, protect, and heal.

Now on to the tips!

Choosing the pets for Wild Rumble

You win if you defeated the most number of pets. So your goal is: defeat as many pets as possible! If you can, try to defeat all of your opponent’s pets.

At the start of the game, Fantage would let you pick 5 pets. The first 3 you picked will be the first ones to battle, and the remaining 2 will serve as replacement pets when a pet loses. So when picking pets, click on the first 3 that you WANT to use first in the game.

The only Pet families that I would suggest entering in the game are the Frosties, Ribbons, and Codies, the strongest families. Usually, when you encounter a robot player, it would have 1-2 Frosty or Ribbon or maybe even a limited pet, and these would beat your low family level pets easily. So pick only the highest pet families!

Since the Frosties and Ribbons are too expensive, I would go with the 3 Cody Pets. They are the strongest pets in Fantage, so if you use them, you would have about 80% guaranteed win.


Battle Time!

Game time! What would you do? I would explain my strategy.

I would choose the Codies as my first 3 pets for the game and my Feebi and Halo as replacement pets.

  1. To start off the game, if I’m the first to make a move, my first action would be Cody Jr. (Blue Cody) will cast a spell on my opponent’s first 3 pets. This move will often automatically defeat 2 pets (but not always).
  2. If the other player gets the first move though, he will sometimes put protection on his pets, in this case I would just steal a vitamin or flower.
  3. I would then start attacking his pets one by one, starting off with the weakest (you would know based on what pet family) until I cleared all of his pets.
  4. He will occasionally protect his pets, so attacking and casting spells will be useless. I would then take the time to heal my pets.

That’s my secret strategy on Wild Rumble, and it often works! Now here are my tips when you play it:

Tip #1

If it says “User _____ is hiding his actions” it means that his pet is going to counter in case you attack. So DO NOT attack his pets! If you do, his pet will counter your pet, and if your pet is weak enough, it may instantly lose.

Instead, make your pet cast a spell! His pets will not be able to counter then, and you are still able to put some damage!

Tip #2

Your opponent is choosing to protect his pets if there’s no notice indicating his next move. If this happens, the only thing that will happen is that he winks (your Fantagian will wave, wink, or jump every time you pick an action). Just heal your pets, and wait for him to stop protection, because if you choose to attack, it will be useless.

Tip #3

I don’t recommend stealing your opponent’s pets’ food on Wild Rumble; it is the least action I use. Take every chance you’ve got to attack his pets! The more pets you defeat, the bigger chance you’ve got winning! If possible, beat all of his pets to win instantly!


These are just my ideas on how to win in Wild Rumble! You don’t have to follow them, but if you do, good luck, and I hope you win!


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