🏆 Wild Racer 🏁


~Sorry, page is currently under construction!~

This is a tutorial on how to play Wild Racer, as well as some tricks and tips that can help you win! I’ve been playing Wild Racer for a while now; it’s the game I play to make my pets level up fast.

To play Wild Racer, go to Pet Town and click on Pet Games>Wild Racer

pet games

Then you either play against Fantage’s creepy robot pets, or you can choose Multiplayer. The basics are: to move, click space again and again. To jump over the obstacles, click on your mouse.

Tip #1: Pick the Perfect Pet to use

When you’re a nonmember, Fantage only gives you two pets: Jimbo and Mumbo. These pets are pretty slow, so I suggest buying Magic Codes for the Premium Member pets! The cheapest ones are the Cosmos family.

If you don’t know what Cosmos pet to hatch, I suggest using Beami. Beami is the fastest and can break rock obstacles on the race.


If you don’t want to waste Ecoins on the member pets, you have to wait until you can use a Cody Pet Magic Code, but it’s worth it, because they are the fastest!


Tip #2: Get all the coins

As much as possible, DO NOT get the meat, unless you are really far behind and you need to race faster. Go for all the coins,! This gives you a higher score.

pet race

Tip #3: Do not jump when there is a bat!

This is a common problem in Multiplayer. When users see a bat hanging above the race, they think that if they jump, they will avoid it. If you jump, you will BUMP into that bat instead of avoiding it. DO NOT JUMP!



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