⌛ Other Old Pixels ✨


Hello!Hi and welcome to the year 1024 B.C of Fantagian Timeline! My name’s Lacy, and I’ll be showing you some of Fantage’s old pixeled art that’s much better than today’s pixels.

Warning: Please don’t forget that we don’t own ANY of these! All credits belong to fantage.com and their blog.


 Meet Gobbles the turkey! Gobbles: *insert turkey sound here*

Beta Tester Badge Gamer Badge Premium Member Badge Veteran Badge

These are pins that you can pin on your ID Cards (Fantage’s old Idfones. Tbh, I think ID Cards sound much better).

 Hey, it’s the ID Card!

New Rare Set    

 Old Comet Cover.

 Deformed Fantagian. Joking, it’s used in an activity.


For those of you who didn’t know, there used to be a cave under Mt. Fantage, but I’m too late in joining Fantage, so I missed it.

 Some bush thingy.

 Old game card.

    Looks familiar?

Who is this?  Where is Himani?!?!? YOU KNOW YOU WANT IT  Himani


I hope you had fun looking at Fantage’s old pixel art! To see more of these, go to fantage.wordpress.com

To go back to present time, click on the time machine!

time machine


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