⌛ Old Comics 📚


maryWelcome to the year 804 A.D of Fantage Timeline! My name is Mary, and I’m gonna be your host for this tour! Today, you’ll get to visit the times when Fantage still has a good sense of humor and made some cheesy comics for us!

Warning: Please don’t forget that we don’t own ANY of these comics! All credits belong to fantage.com and their blog.

Enjoy! 😀

Comic #1

That was an abrupt ending… o.o


Comic #2



Comic #3


Comic #4


Comic #5


Comic #6

So that’s why…


Comic #7



Comic #8


To see more of Fantage’s cheesy comics, go to fantage.wordpress.com

I hope you enjoyed your tour at Fantage’s Comics! Please come again, bye!

To go back to present time, click on the time machine!

time machine


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