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fantagian Hey everybody! This is 1870 of Fantage History, and before I start to sound like a history teacher, I’m going to introduce to you some of our dearest Fantage citizens a.k.a NPCs. I hope you guys get along!

Warning: Please don’t forget that we don’t own ANY of these avatars! All credits belong to fantage.com and their blog. Also, this page has some really sarcastic stuff, so remember that these are just for fun! All of the stories I’m going to tell are made-up and not real.

First, I’m going to introduce you to some pretty well-known NPCs.

 I’m the old Fashion Guru of Fantage. I used to work in Top Models  and just stand around cooling myself while the rest of you peasants sweat your faces off. Now you know how I got fired. If you noticed, I’m the only one here that didn’t even say hi to you because that’s just how rude I am.

 Hello! You’re from the future right? Wait, you said you’re from the present time… but here we are in the present time. But you said we’re from the past… but you are the one who came here saying you’re from the present which, will not happen to us in a hundred years. But this is… never mind, move along.

 Every corner of the world, there has to be an annoying reporter, and I guess I fill that role.

 Hey guys, you might recognize me from a certain anime. I invaded Fantage a long time ago for world domination muahaha and that’s the reason why I look like this and why my weapon shrunk.

 Hey, I’m Bob. I work at Lucky Bob’s. And I promise, I NEVER ever rig the wheel of fortune. EVER.

 Hi guys! I’m Betty the clown and… I’m a clown! Oh wait, I already said that.

 Arr, I’m just ye average cliche pirate of Fantage.

Who is this?  Where is Himani?!?!? Hey, I work at Top Models along with the Fashion Guru. I was the reason he got fired. Don’t tell that to him. MUAHAHAHA.

That was pretty exciting right? Now let’s meet the average Fantage crowd! They are the robots of Fashion Show, the robots whenever they are needed to fill up an empty server… you get it, right?

Since they never really talk, I’m just going to be the one to say hi on their behalf. You might think they are useless, but they actually prove to be useful!

Well, that was a lot of social awkwardness back there! Nice to meet you again, future- I mean, present time person! To meet more of us, just go to fantage.wordpress.com

To go back to present time, click on the time machine!

time machine


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