I’m sorry

I’m quitting this blog.

You might have seen this coming. My hiatus was so long and I find posting about Fantage (well, generally, everything in this blog) so pressuring that I gave up altogether.

I feel like this blog is just a bag of empty promises. I said over and over again that I’ll be making this, doing that, and yet, I didn’t.

I’m still playing Fantage, but I’m not interested enough to post regularly about updates, which is another reason why I’m quitting.

You guys are literally the best, you helped and supported me through the… 1 year? that we spent together. I never really expected that I would get this far, to the point where some amazing people even followed me while I was on a hiatus ❤

I might consider blogging again, though I’m not really sure I’d be up for that responsibility. I’ll try making a new blog, because I really want to start fresh. I’ll post the link later if I created a new one.

Before this gets really sappy, bye again, and thanks for the experience 🙂


Still editing this blog

In case you’re thinking I finished giving my blog the plastic surgery/makeover/whatever-you-call-it it desperately needs, I’m still editing my blog (if you remember me doing it). And I can’t really finish that with posting, and checking my reader regularly. Plus, laziness. 😛


Here are all of the things I’ve planned on putting in my blog:

  • Lots of pages. And I mean lots of it (I’m going to delete some outdated pages)
  • New widgets (Deleting some useless widgets too)
  • Changing my posts’ format
  • Lots more I can’t put in this bulleted list

I’m going to transform this blog completely, which means I have to put a lot of effort in it, and stop being lazy.

Thank goodness I’ve already finished some of the pages! Although most are still under construction, at least I can start posting every now and then, but I’m still not going to post much besides Fantage updates.

That’s it. I hope I finished this, and I hope it’s going to look pretty when I did it.


wεℓcomε to Ƒαƞtαɠε Ɲεκo (◕‿◕✿)

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Hello there viewers! Welcome to my blog, Fantage Neko (“neko” means cat in Japanese). I’m amethyst, and I’m the owner of this blog. I’m pizza_boss on Fantage. I’m a nonmember and I’m currently on level 289. Here are some of the things you can see on Fantage Neko.

What you can expect from us:

🌸 Fantage updates, news and trivia

🌸 Fantage edits, gifs and other pixeled art

🌸 Rants and posts about life

🌸 basically kawaii randomness

Hope you enjoy viewing our blog, and don’t forget to follow! 🙂

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New blog?

So I recently made a new blog.

Here’s the link:


I really miss the old URL without the “site” thingy in it

Come join meeeh

I know you want to *smirks*

Okay maybe not really

I mean I’m pretty much a disgrace to the blogging community lol

But anyways

At least mind checking it out?

I’m warning you though, it’s pretty empty

Because I have no idea what to post

You could suggest ideas though, that’ll be awesome ^^


I’m really sorry for not posting, by the way! >_<

Fantage released a new event yesterday, #Boyband. Yep. The band looks just like 1D, too…



They released new limited items, too:


The #BAE shirt is really overpriced, to be honest. The #FAN and Music Note shirt are for non-members and can be bought with stars!

You can go to the beach, where the #Boyband will be. They say things like:


You must be wearing a shirt from the event to go on the stage.


Some outfits for the event:







I’m…. Checking Up on You (Not Coming Back Yet!)

Okay, so lol, it’s been SO long since I’ve last posted and so much has changed…. WordPress post formats, blogs I follow (and still do), well, basically everything O-O

Um, so just a quick update on my life. School’s been really tough lately (darn chemistry!!) and I kind of lost touch in blogging. Okay, I REALLY lost touch in my blog, and I know this probably wouldn’t seem sincere to you, but I AM SO SORRY.

I’m actually considered quitting over my hiatus, since there was just too many stuff I have to do, and I got lazy and I’m not excited about posting regularly as I do back then. I can’t bring myself to quit completely though, so here I am, stuck in this I-don’t-know-whether-to-quit-or-not phase.

I also started to lose interest in Fantage. I got addicted to YouTube, and I started to play this game called Undertale. Anyone know it? I promise you this is not an advertisement…. wait I lied…. just kidding J

I still don’t know if I should continue blogging or not, but you know, just checking up on you guys :>

P.S I really sound awkward after a long time of not blogging, so I’ll end now .-.


I know I haven’t posted in a while. I’m not very good at having to post on 3 blogs by myself. ;-;

So, to make it up to you, I’ve decided to try and post 1-3 times a week.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to. Expect more fashion and event posts!


🎃 Happy (belated) Halloween! 🎃


I’m so sorry for being such a hypocrite and posting when I just said that I’m going on a hiatus, but I really miss the feeling of having a lot of time to post, and I still got time, so here I am.

I just made a witch chibi for Halloween. I think I’m going to settle on this style for the art requests, although knowing me I’ll probably get discontented and switch over to another style again. The whole artwork is completely cell-shaded, which I like a lot more than a mix of cell-shading and airbrushing (airbrushing totally makes my chibis look like clay haha). The only parts I airbrushed are the cheeks. I also highlighted a lot, which did a good job of covering up my mistakes >.<

I’m still on a hiatus, but that doesn’t mean I can’t blog, right? I’ll try to post when I have spare time (it doesn’t have to be about Fantage). That way, I won’t feel like I’m pressuring myself into posting daily.

See ya!